Monday, April 5, 2010

old poems...might as well


In my house six pillars wide

In my house six pillars wide, I was born a patriot

Emerged from America’s womb, a chamber lukewarm and overly sweetened like de Tocqueville’s breakfast tea

I suckled off the sweat of proletariat’s brow until I learned my trade,

And I worked and served under the white whip of Washington himself

When I was old enough,

I crossed over the seas

I hunted for the lost

The weak

The ones of mankind who were unhappy.

The ones who were empty

Who had no work, and who had no pride

I could offer them pennies and purchases

I could offer them ribbons and the rudimentary arts of technology

I could make them happy.

I walked into the factory of despotism

Swarms of orphans marinating in their own filth,

Like a swamp stew boiled down by the Totalitarian fire

A little boy without an arm

An immobile smile on his face

happiness defied it’s boundaries

My own smile turned stale

And I felt defeat in my heart

I could not give him anything.

I could see all his crooked teeth.

The teeth that would fall with no one to catch them

I heard myself say aloud: “I’ll come back for you.”

But I had no idea what it meant.

And I turned on my sterling heels and left the factory doors forever


The Exam

Oh male

Must we jeer at your biology?

Your blood, as loyal servant to your congress of dick, sprinting to the finish, reaching and stretching to attain a trophy of invisible gardenia

Your blood, your trusted servant, now your enemy- you must wage war against him

Use the shadows of your mind is a weapon, against the double entrondre that shames your trousers

it has no place here beneath a rubber glove under the florescent bulb of science

Pin it down with flashes of horror

Use your grandma, if you have to.


Turn the sheets

Take your courage from the empty bottle

Riddle me your eyes as you trace my face

Fake your tongue along the sliver of my lips

Lunar crest makes your finger tips turn silk

Now crawl slow in the autistic dark

So it feels real

Just once

Four years tail our pulsating breaths

Let’s conquer the moment

Grab ahold of modernity’s hips and kiss my legs

Afterall, we’re just citizens of the world

But go slow

So it feels real

Your sleepy bones slip in the river of my shoulder

You speak tenderness in the morning and it sedates my flesh

But my mind shifts unrestlessly with every excuse to find love between the light of the blinds

8.12. 09


I see your eyes

They twitch, they curiously winden

they lock, they move into perfect position

And guide your body with each naïve movement you make

Each motion turning black and collecting like ash beneath your bed

Each motion an angry poison awakened with the dawn of knowledge

Dear infant, I plead with you don’t

But your delicate ears hear years too late,

and my plee is far faint

you love with all to loose

Beautiful woman, full of compassion

Your voice strikes clean beneath the mire

Dusty chords arise and arrange in the sky to play your song

It falls on my ears as I watch it awaken the past

A masquerading hero cries for justice

for he is the one responsible for this civil battle

And he fights till the end for his love

A fallen solider drowning in his nighttime sobs

Cuts and cuts beneath the surface bleeding inside out only tear faster

And the whiskey on his breath means medication

Beneath the sun, A king weeps for his daughter

And under the cloak moon, his wife hurts


The wake:

Blunder and grey as I sit up under the silk

If you were the devil, would I be naked?

Under the sips and propensity of ever tilting glass

Carbonated liquids down my drain

This night responds unfriendly to truth potion overdose

And I am ashamed

Lightly I unfurl the memories like smoke from a pipe they cloud around my and I choke within my small lungs

The touch of your skin stranger,

The touch of your tongue stranger,

The sting on our cold steel movements ruled together by the anarchy of animals

The words of brute sexual desire, lost but not useless, they peck at my ear, desiring to do the damage,

These indents are bigger than I can pretend.

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